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Who Am I?

Ros Watts

If you would like to commission a bespoke design

I'm a 'retired' secondary school teacher who, after 27 years of teaching, decided to take redundancy from my job as an Assistant Headteacher and set up my own jewellery business called Myrtleberry Designs. I used to live in Cambridgeshire, but moved to the Cotswolds in 2017.

Why Myrtleberry Designs?

I chose to name my business after our basset hound, Myrtle, who was an ageing, quirky and utterly lovable hound. She was a very unique basset and it seemed apt to name my business after her.

What is the inspiration behind my creations?

I certainly love colour, whether it's bold and bright, unusual combinations or more subtle and sophisticated, and my designs reflect this. Much of who I am goes into what I create. On some days I want my jewellery to stand out and be bold and noticeable, whilst on other days I want something that is elegant and more retiring. I'm not adverse to a bit of bling either! So I have no one style of jewellery but a rather eclectic mix of things that I love and that reflect me.
I'm not sure that I should admit, but I also get bored easily, so I love to work in a variety of different media. The good news is that you are very unlikely to find 2 pieces of my jewellery that are the same. I love to work with semi precious stones and pearls, but I also enjoy making jewellery from polymer clay, stitching with tiny glass seed beads or shibori silk and wirework.

And what about teaching?

It's hard to forget my roots and teaching jewellery making is a big part of what I now do. If you are interested in coming on a workshop with me then please contact me directly.

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